Binnie Media NH’s ‘Out For Blood’ Red Cross Blood Drive Smashes Goal

The results for Binnie Media NH’s ‘Out For Blood’ Red Cross Blood Drive are in, and they are nothing short of spectacular. Despite going up against a COVID-19 stay-at-home order, and ever-changing strict rules for blood donations (including no walk-ins!) we were able to help the Red Cross come in at 134% of our drive’s goal!

Our goal was to collect 70 units and we collected a whopping 94 units! This means that as many as 282 people will be helped from the ‘Out For Blood’ 2020 drive. There were 129 donors scheduled and the Red Cross saw 99 through the door; 21 of those were first time donors!

It’s amazing to think of how much our community was able to do in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, just imagine what we can do next year when (hopefully) everything will be back to normal.


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